Technical Services

We all need a little help some times

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 20 odd years it’s….a lot!

There has been a lot of interpreting, changing opinions, being flexible and indeed being inflexible when I know I’m right despite what my staff at the time had read elsewhere. I’ve also been through a lot of difficult client scenarios, handled and created a lot of new processes to deal with the ever changing law and it’s all this and more that builds up high level SMSF knowledge.  It’s about creating networks.

Let me be part of your network.

If you’ve got a problem or you want some clarity then perhaps I can help. Let me make one thing clear, you might not always like what I have to say but then again that is probably more reason to engage.  You never know, I may just solve that one problem that’s been nagging away for some time.

You can check out the technical services I offer below.


Need a second opinion or technical support about a strategy or compliance issue.  With over 20 years experience dealing with SMSF trustees, advisers and auditors, my knowledge can be put to use to work through your client’s scenario.


Do you have time to write your own articles? Do you want to be different to everyone else? Whether you want articles for clients or professionals or just to get something off your chest then let’s have a chat about what I can offer.  I’m very opinionated, unless you don’t want me to be.

Processes and reviews

Have you got a process for death benefits?  What about pension commencements?  Ok so most people will have these issues under control but if there are areas that perhaps you aren’t that strong in then maybe I can lend a hand.  At the very least I’ll tell you what I think about your processes and material.

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