A bit more about the services I offer

I work as an independent SMSF educator with advisers, accountants and administrators, and provide an external education and technical support resource for them and their clients. I’ve worked successfully with many clients, large and small, and have some nice testimonials to prove it.

Of course nobody knows your business and your clients like you do, but sometimes keeping up to speed on legislative and regulatory changes is difficult.

I’ll squeeze all the important information out of laws and regulations, and turn it into engaging training sessions and collaterals that stick with you and your staff. I am passionate about SMSFs and education. I am focussed on knowledge transfer. I get results.

You can check out the education and technical services I offer below. Easy peasy.

SMSF Education

Online and face-to-face, overviews and deep dives, SMSF professionals and SMSF trustees. All delivered with passion and purpose!

Technical Services

Writing, reviewing, solving client problems, creating processes or just chewing the fat!

“CGT Relief was by far the most complex area of the Government’s 2017 superannuation changes.  Tim assisted me with analysing around 30 scenarios and how they would be treated from a CGT relief perspective.  He had an excellent understanding of the legislation and its practical application.  He also explained his logic clearly and consistently.  I would not have been able to get my head around all the intricacies of CGT relief without Tim’s help.” Greg Einfeld

MD, Lime Actuarial

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