My SMSF – now sponsoring an event near you!

Are you a fan of Aussie Rules footy or do you like watching the Aussies belt the Old Enemy in the Ashes? Or more specifically the Magellan Ashes. That's right, everything is accompanied by a sponsor and I have no doubt that in many instances the sponsor receives a...

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Don’t die in transition without a backup plan!

Don't give a directive followed by the word 'unless'. One phrase I hear all too often is "all pensions should be reversionary",  followed very quickly with "unless...."! All pensions should be established based on the circumstances at the time they are established and...

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SMSF integrity measures lack integrity!

There is only one thing that the new segregation rules labelled as the SMSF integrity measures are lacking and that's integrity. I don't fundamentally disagree with what the measure sets out to achieve, which is to remove tax manipulation. But by implication,...

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TRIS – a superannuation interest in itself

SMSF members only have one superannuation interest until such time as they commence an income stream. Each income stream commenced gives rise to a new superannuation interest. Nothing in the recent superannuation reform alters this, however, the introduction of some...

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