Revaluing SMSF assets – not an educated guess

One issue I come across frequently is the thought process, or lack thereof, when parties are revaluing SMSF assets. You will note that I said parties because it isn't just trustees that offer creative suggestions about valuations.  I was asked the following by...

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SMSF defined benefit pensions – where to now?

In 2018 your SMSF pension choices are defined for you, it’s an account based pension or it’s nothing.  Whilst innovative income stream products may be around the corner they will take time to become mainstream. In the early 2000’s pensions were also defined but that...

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Excess non-concessional contributions in an SMSF

From 1 July 2017 there are no more fund-capped contribution limits, will this mean more excess non-concessional contributions? There is now less regulatory onus on SMSF trustees to assess whether an individual contribution can be accepted. Some may not have known they...

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