How I work

Putting FUN back into Self Managed Superannuation FUNds


Ok so that’s pretty lame but just indulge me for a moment or two.  If you read my blogs, listen to me present, look at my social media commentary or just have a genuine chat with me you’ll know that I’m deadly serious in my conviction but light hearted in my delivery.

That is how I work.  I am serious about sharing my knowledge and enabling others to be the best they can be BUT life’s too short to be grumpy all day.  I’d rather call out perceived stupidity for what it is and then get on with being the best I can in order to help others be the best they can.

Not just another technical session

Superannuation and tax law is hardly riveting so my goal is to build training sessions and workshops that identify the key issues, provide the necessary references and then tell stories and build case studies that are engaging and help make the message stick.

Staff bonding

The sessions I love the best are those where I can face off work colleagues against each other via interactive learning games. When pride is on the line it’s amazing to watch collaboration rise to the surface.

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