Here you can learn all about me, Tim Miller, and how I run my business.

But the truth is, it’s not really about me, it’s ALL about you.

Sure, you want to know that I know my stuff, you might be interested to know that as a leading SMSF educator I have written or updated accreditation courses for the University of Adelaide, the SMSF Association, SMSF101 and Kaplan, which means I know my SMSF stuff.

Just as valuable to me is that I’ve worked with some great clients, and they’ve all enjoy working with me (ok so perhaps some of them haven’t enjoyed the tax or compliance outcome of their actions but they’ve appreciated my honesty).

But I think it’s more important to know that I’m an affable, easy to deal with SMSF aficionado, which of course comes before an SMSF expert in the dictionary!

And I take a TWO ears, ONE mouth approach to client relationships.

I listen, I understand and I help.

You’ll find working with me easy, stress free and even enjoyable.

So, if that sounds good, read on.

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