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“We have been working with Tim for over 15 years. Throughout this time he always demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of technical issues, which he is able to apply to achieve practical solutions to problems. He is an excellent presenter and we have used him extensively for training to our staff and at our client seminars.” Richard Smith

Managing Director, ASF Audits


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Online and face-to-face, overviews and deep dives, SMSF professionals and SMSF trustees. All delivered with passion and purpose.

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Writing, reviewing, solving client problems, creating processes or just chewing the fat.  With over 20 years experience may have the solution.

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“CGT Relief was by far the most complex area of the Government’s 2017 superannuation changes.  Tim assisted me with analysing around 30 scenarios and how they would be treated from a CGT relief perspective.  He had an excellent understanding of the legislation and its practical application.  He also explained his logic clearly and consistently.  I would not have been able to get my head around all the intricacies of CGT relief without Tim’s help.” Greg Einfeld

Director, Lime Actuarial

Stuff I write about

SMSF Trustee Responsibilities – are you an Aussiegolfa or an Aussie Cricketa?

Doing the right thing isn't always easy but it is always possible! Ensuring those that have an SMSF take their trustee responsibilities seriously is critical. Don't allow your moral compass to be swayed by personal or professional gain. Saying no to a client or an...

The impact of Super Reforms on investing in an SMSF

Investing in an SMSF comes attached with a level of responsibility.  SMSF trustees are required to formulate an investment strategy and then regularly review that strategy. In addition, an SMSF needs to understand which investments come with additional...

Revaluing SMSF assets – not an educated guess

One issue I come across frequently is the thought process, or lack thereof, when parties are revaluing SMSF assets. You will note that I said parties because it isn't just trustees that offer creative suggestions about valuations.  I was asked the following by...

SMSF defined benefit pensions – where to now?

In 2018 your SMSF pension choices are defined for you, it’s an account based pension or it’s nothing.  Whilst innovative income stream products may be around the corner they will take time to become mainstream. In the early 2000’s pensions were also defined but that...
“Following some major Tax Law changes in the Superannuation and SMSF Sector AS Partners conducted an educational seminar for its SMSF Clients and our guest speaker was Tim Miller from Miller Super Solutions.
Tim’s expertise and knowledge in SIS Legislation and regulations enabled him to comfortably present to our 40+ SMSF Clients.
Feedback from AS Partners Clients was extremely positive. Our SMSF Clients found Tim easy to understand as he was able to explain the complexities of the recent Superannuation and SMSF Tax Law changes in plain English.
His years of knowledge in The SMSF sector has proven to be extremely valuable and Tim is always challenging the likes of the ATO and Treasury when it comes proposed legislative changes.” Leo Di Battista

Director, AS Partners

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